What’s in a name?

The name Kyria is of Greek origin (written in the form Κύρια) meaning ‘lady’ or ‘ladylike’.

It can also have various other meanings, depending on the context it is used in:

-    'Mistress'

-    'Madame'

-    The Greek title of respect for a woman

-    Female form of the word 'Lord'

-    'Handmaid of the Lord'

We cannot say for sure what her first owner (Air Commodore 'Paddy' Quinnell) had in mind when he named her.  But I think that the word 'lady' is quite fitting.

As to pronunciation, it seems that there are some variations:

-    In English the pronunciation seems to be:  k-ih-r-ee-uh  or  k-ee-r-ee-ya

-    Whereas in Greek it appears to be more like:  koo-ree'-ah

I have always pronounced it something like:  k-ih-r-ee-ya ("ih" is pronounced as the letter  "i" in "kit")

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