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International Six Metre Association

6 Metre International - unofficial Facebook group

Classic 6mr newsletters, plus lots of other information

National Associations:

British International Six Metre Association

German 6mr Association

French 6mr Association

Finnish 6mr Association

Swedish 6mr Association

Swiss 6mr Association

North American 6 Metre Association

Websites of other sixes:

6mr Lucie US55

6mr Oslo N17

6mr Off Course FIN60

6mr Enterprise US91

6mr Zephyr NED28

More to follow....

Please contact me if you have a website not listed and I would be happy to add your site.

Other Restoration Projects:


6mr Merenneito

Upcoming Events:

6mr World Championship 2017


The Yachting Studio

'The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing'


Robbins Timber, Bristol (Marine Timber and West System epoxy products)

WEST SYSTEM epoxy products

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