Charles Ernest Nicholson (1868 - 1954)

​Nicholson was one of the most important British yacht designers of the early 20th Century, during what may be described as the golden era of yachting.

From his drawing board came the designs for the first Marconi Rig, the first Bermudan rig of significant proportions and innovations enough to fuel fifty years of racing yacht design.

Nicholson designed all the British-built J-class yachts - Shamrock V, Velsheda, Endeavour and Endeavour II - and renowned schooners such as Margherita and Creole.

Charles E. Nicholson

One of the features of my grandfather’s amazing versatility was his ability to apply art and science in the appropriate proportions for the project of the moment

Charles' grandson Christopher


Charles was the middle son of Benjamin Nicholson.  Ben, as he was known, had joined William Camper in the Gosport yard in 1842 as a young shipwright apprentice and had risen to the role of chief designer by 1860.  Thanks to a combination of skill and the lack of a male heir within the Camper family, Ben was chosen as Camper's replacement when he was retiring in 1863 and the company of Camper and Nicholson was formed.

Ben had three sons, 

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